TDK training ride - Sunday 4th December

By Stuart McDougall

Here is another chance to get some training in before Craig’s serious training rides kick off in mid-January.

It will also put you ahead of our dear leader, who is rehabilitating after some more cosmetic surgery, as well as an arthroscopy to cure knee pain caused by some excessive compulsive disorder associated with golf.

Next Sunday we head North again. The ride details are:  Depart Coluzzi/Latteria at 6:30am; northern steps of bike path over SHB at about 6:45; up the highway to Gordon; Mona Vale Rd; McCarrs Creek Road; Akuna Bay; slackers can head straight down McCarrs and wait at the Church Point Wharf café; then return via Pittwater Rd, The Spit, Parriwi Rd, Military Rd.

Let me know if you are IN. Contact details: and (0438) 312 224.