What to pack

Hi everyone,

Here is a list of what you will be given and what you need to pack for the Tour.

Don't forget, before coming on Tour you must

  • Have your bike serviced. A safety check will be done on all bikes on the night before we start riding.
  • Check your cleats and put on new if required.

What you will be given:

  • Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Wind vest
  • Bib shorts
  • Arm warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Water Bottles - everyone will be given two water bottles courtesy of Lend Lease.
  • Nutrition - we will have the following fuels to sustain you ever day on tour, if there is anything else you want that is not in the list feel free to bring it along (Gu, Carbo Shotz, Hydralyte sports tablets, Powerade, Bananas, Snake Lollies and Muesli bars).

What to bring:

This is not an exhaustive list - you decide how much underwear you are going to bring for example (rumour is that Cobby is packing light and not bringing any) :)  But the point is - make sure you bring at least the following:

  • Rain jacket – these will not be provided
  • Cycling gloves if you wish - winter & summer
  • Shoes, socks, helmet, riding glasses
  • Chamois cream
  • Mesh laundry bag with your name on it - big enough to fit your full kit (the biggest one you can find!)
  • Suntan cream
  • Spare pair of knicks and TdK training jersey to wear for a training ride in Albury
  • Front and rear light in case of wet weather. This is a must – legally required in both NSW & VIC
  • Ear plugs (it is inevitable you will come across some snorers along the way)
  • New spare tyres, new tubes (in case of flats, or you can buy these from the mechanics on tour), any spare wheels you bring will be carried in the mechanics vans
  • Cash for the massage therapists – $50 per half hour treatment
  • Cash for drinks – as required :)

And one more "Bevy Pro Tip" - bring your favourite bibs and wear them under your TDK kit for added comfort on the long days.

Any questions?  Contact Julia Glaser (julia.glaser@starlight.org.au)

And while you are online, check out the route at https://www.tourdekids.org.au/2017-route/

See you on Tour!